Product Name:SPARE PARTS

producer: Huanding Energy Services
Description: Verifier Dummy Cable Dummy Load MRIL Calibrator Module Fixture Standoff Shop Head Non-magnet Container MRIL Assemble/Disassemble Table Stand Cable Tester Matrix Switch Transformer
spare parts


It is used as dummy sonde, which can be frequency-scanned and load high pressure and used to check electronic part of MRIL.


Dummy Cable

It is used as dummy cable of heptacable with the length of 7,000 meters when testing MRIL.


Dummy Load

When calibrating MRIL, it is connected between electronic cartridge and sonde, serving as dummy load of the formation. It has four available gears fitting different modes of calibration.


MRIL Calibrator

It contains copper sulfate. When calibrating MRIL, it is used to locate correction factors of Echo 1 and Echo 2, as well as D1 PEAK.


Module Fixture

There are 12 module test boxes for 12 modules. They are used to test assembled modules.


In the actual logging operation, it is used as centralizer. 


Shop Head

It is used to connect portable surface system and downhole tools.


Non-magnet Container

It is convenient for sonde transportation, shielding magnet of the sonde.


MRIL Assemble/Disassemble Table

It is used to assemble, disassemble and maintain the sonde.


It is convenient to connect tools at the workshop. It can adjust the height.


Cable Tester

It is used to check the connectivity of heptacable.


Matrix Switch

It is the spare part in the PTC panel of LOGIQ-B Surface System, used to control the connection between cable and PTC.



It is the spare part in the XMP panel of LOGIQ-B Surface System, used to supply the voltage of the downhole tools.